Wall Art ‘Sunrise’ sculpture, extra large artisan sculpted one of a kind creation




Sculpted over the course of several months, this piece that I’ve named “Sunrise” is one of my very favorite wall art items I’ve ever created.

I used mid 1800’s Oak and Maple barn wood to create the ‘sun rays’ that flow out of the late 1800’s barn beam base. While designed with hanging upon a wall in mind…this sculpture is well balanced and heavy enough to sit upon a table should you prefer that style of display.

A true one of a kind work of art. From the original unique design to the rareness of the ultra old reclaimed wood…no other sculpture will ever have this look again! Own a piece of history that brings a timeless sense of warmth and light to your home or office….all with the knowledge in mind that your art was created out of entirely sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Have another sculpture in mind? Send me your drawing and lets talk about how best to create your vision out of reclaimed and lovely old barn wood! I strive on the challenge of impressing my clients with stunningly beautiful works of art.

Thank you for considering my work! Direct from the artisan to you, we here at BarnwoodDesigns.org (a small family operation) love to bring the beauty of historic barn wood to your home.

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-Ships free of charge to you in custom built wooden crate for absolute safe travelsĀ  -Top quality wall mount included and built inĀ  -Complete today and ready to ship with 24hours via insured UPS delivery


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