Three inch thick, 1800’s barn wood floating shelves and mantels- Adirondack Heritage series or premium floating shelving


Thick planks of barn wood crafted into floating shelves and fireplace mantels on the highest quality. Handmade to order in the USA. Free shipping and all hardware included for a quick, easy and strong installation.



Handmade to order floating shelves and floating mantels created out of the finest selections of true cut three inch thick barn wood from barns built here in upstate NY between 1840 and 1901.

Each massive solid three inch thick barn board/beam is selected to be ideal for your ordered project. We choose only the most premium and desirable thick planks to create this series of floating shelves and mantels.

 All projects are created and sent to you in about a weeks time for nearly any size order. Shipping IS included for most all items (only the largest of planks that can not ship with UPS ground and or should you live outside of the lower 48 US states will shipping need to be added to your order)
 Posted in several color options for you to choose from. Please let me know if you have a need for any alternate look or color as I am often able to re-create a custom color based on a photo you share with me.
All hardware included for a quick, easy and super strength installation. Adirondack Heritage series shelves are our highest weight capacity floating shelves bar none. You can expect approx. 100lbs of weight capacity out of these big beauties!

 Sheen level is a medium Eggshell unless you let me know of any other sheen you desire.
 On that note, custom sizes, custom colors, custom sheen levels may be ordered quite simply by adding a note at checkout letting us know what your exact project needs happen to be. We will happily create your project with all the details you mention in said note. Thanks so much, I hope you love the work we are about to do just for you!

Keep reading for some fun thoughts about our beloved Adirondack Heritage Series floating shelves!

Beauty such as that seen in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY is imbued with a strong sense of myth. Vast valleys, crests and ridges characterize the area.
In the 19th century, these lands housed America’s most rugged pioneers, many of which were woodsmen – bearers of the saw and the axe, masters of timber-felling, timber-framing, skinning and crosscutting whole trees as they went on to clear space for the towns and villages that would soon emerge in their path. These brave men, as well as their families, comprise our origins. We proudly celebrate over two centuries of, as Eric Sloane termed it, “a reverence for wood”, and as part of this celebration, we now offer you our Adirondack Heritage Woodsman’s Reserve; gorgeous, solid lumber, dated to the 1800’s, reclaimed from various barns, shanties, ice houses, and granaries from our distinct and beloved slice of American soil.

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Natural, Honey Maple, Antique Walnut, Early American, Roasted Coffee, Espresso

Length x Depth x Thickness

12x5x3, 12x8x3, 12x10x3, 12x10x3, 12x12x3, 18x5x3, 18x8x3, 18x10x3, 18x12x3, 24x5x3, 24x8x3, 24x10x3, 24x12x3, 30x5x3, 30x8x3, 30x10x3, 30x12x3, 36x5x3, 36x8x3, 36x10x3, 36x12x3, 42x5x3, 42x8x3, 42x10x3, 42x12x3, 48x5x3, 48x8x3, 48x10x3, 48x12x3, 54x5x3, 54x8x3, 54x10x3, 54x12x3, 60x5x3, 60x8x3, 60x10x3, 60x12x3, 66x5x3, 66x8x3, 66x10x3, 66x12x3, 72x5x3, 72x8x3, 72x10x3, 72x12x3, 78x5x3, 78x8x3, 78x10x3, 78x12x3, 84x5x3, 84x8x3, 84x10x3, 84x12x3


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