War of 1812 Churchhouse Collection

In 1812, America was but a sapling of a nation climbing the tumultuous road to prosperity; though the War of 1812 sent parts of this new country reeling in chaos, everywhere, the Churchhouse served as a place of refuge. This collection of our handcrafted floating shelves has been chosen with this sense of refuge in mind. Today, as religion occupies a less central position in the lives of many young New Yorkers, many churches are being dismantled, sold off, foreclosed upon, and boarded up. We’ve carefully selected, for our War of 1812 Churchhouse Collection, lumber from several Upstate New York churches that were dismantled around 2008. It is a near certainty that the good news from the Battle of Plattsburgh – the end of the war – reached the flocks of these churches and found them in good spirits.
It is our hope that these gorgeous handmade shelves, built from sturdy, rusticated lumber, may find a home in your place of refuge – be it your kitchen, living room, bedroom or office.

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