Copper City 20th Century Milled Selections

Though one may not recognize it today, the city of Rome, New York was once the copper capital of the world. As a matter of fact, nearly any electrified structure in the United States built before WWII is likely to have Rome copper in its electrical system. During that time, the population of Rome expanded heartily. In just twenty years, Rome went from a moderately-sized town of 30,000 to a burgeoning city of over 50,000 residents. As workers from all over the world poured into the city, an enormous number of buildings were constructed from local timber. Much of this remained in use until the relatively recent decline in population came to pass; now, a great deal of the gorgeous lumber, often in perfect condition, finds itself without a home. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to reclaim much of this lumber, as it consists of prime cuts that today can be challenging to find. Though the copper days are over, we’re excited today to be offering these choice cuts of timber to you, hand-crafted into functional and expressive pieces of home shelving.