Clinton's Ditch Historic Lumber Series - Early 1800's Floating Shelves scuplted from barn floor boards, our most rustic and naturally worn option

Clinton’s Ditch line of true floating shelves and mantels consists of the most rustic and authentic looking selections of solid barn wood. For the discerning client that desires that extra special and most obviously real old barn wood look for any shelving project, we offer these magnificent shelves created by hand out of solid barn wood from late 1700’s and early 1800’s barns.

Starting life out as true cut two inch thick lumber, after around 200 years in use as barn floors and barn floor joists, these beautiful boards as finished floating shelves will be right around 1  3/4″ thick or thereabouts.

Your choice of stain color and finish level

Created and shipped to you via UPS ground in just about one weeks time, at no cost to you.

That the Erie Canal radically re-shaped the nature of American trade is a fact no one could dispute. And yet, when DeWitt Clinton began construction July 4th, 1817, his opponents referred to his efforts as “Clinton’s Ditch”. To them, it was pure folly, thought to be impossible. Though his efforts – and the efforts of thousands and thousands of men and pack animals, and the equivalent to over $100,000,000 in funding, this “ditch” eventually linked the Great Lakes with the rest of the world. Many thousands of “packet boats” made the journey up the Hudson, to Albany, and from Albany to Buffalo, onward to Lake Ontario and sometimes as far as Minnesota.
With our Clinton’s Ditch Historic Lumber Series, we commemorate our history as a canal town and hub of industry, as well as the hundreds of men who laid their lives down in their heroic efforts to clear land and dig this brilliant corridor of water, whom forever changed life for us all in these great United States!

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