Appalachian Heritage Woodsman's Reserve

Beauty such as that seen in the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern US is imbued with a strong sense of myth. Vast swamps, valleys, crests and ridges characterize the area, and the inhabitants of these lands, historically, have been as robust as the mountains themselves, both in physique and in character. Though many do not realize it, the Adirondack Mountains, and their surrounding valleys and plateaus, are a continuation of this mountain chain, carrying it from Georgia to Maine.
In the 19th century, these lands housed America’s most rugged pioneers, many of which were woodsmen – bearers of the saw and the axe, masters of timber-felling, timber-framing, skinning and crosscutting whole trees as they went on to clear space for the towns and villages that would soon emerge in their path. These brave men, as well as their families, comprise our origins. We proudly celebrate over two centuries of, as Eric Sloane termed it, “a reverence for wood”, and as part of this celebration, we now offer you our Appalachian Heritage Woodsman’s Reserve; gorgeous, solid lumber, dated to the 1800’s, reclaimed from various barns, shanties, icehouses, and granaries from our distinct and beloved slice of American soil.