Floating Shelf Installation

Our floating shelves are designed to be the highest weight capacity DIY floating shelf in all of the world.

Our competitors nearly always try to trick folks by showing steel brackets that sure do look strong…yet they never explain that all the strength with a steel bracket comes from a tiny little bead of weld or threads. Couple that with the fact that steel brackets have very little material up to your wall and the net result is low weight capacity floating shelves that droop and wiggle off your wall. Not good.

I’ve spent years now perfecting the ultimate floating shelf mounting system that removes all the above issues. My shelf design is so easy to install (hard for me to build, but easy for you to work with!) that homeowners and contractors alike just love these shelves.

The concept is straightforward, each shelf looks like a chunk of beautiful finished wood…but it really opens up into two sections. The back section secures to your wall (at studs when at all possible) with included top of the line Torx (star head) screws through pre-drilled holes that I have created for you at logical spots. These Torx screws along with washers do an amazing job securing the mounting strip into your wall stud(s). 

Protruding out of this wall mounted section of your shelf you will find 3/4in hardwood dowels, 14mm hardwood dominoes and in most cases a Festool connector system. The combination of the supports (don’t worry all of of the above items will be totally hidden within your shelf ‘guts’) yields true floating shelving that is incredibly strong.  A great number of my clients use these shelves as upper kitchen cabinetry with no issues or sagging resulting from even very large stacks of heavy dishes and kitchen items. I personally keep my Kitchen Aide mixer AND my Ninja Foodi (both very heavy) on a single standard floating shelf from BarnwoodDesigns.org. 

All hardware along with detailed instructions are included. Heck we even include some drill bits just in case the pre-drilled holes that we make don’t happen to align well with your particular wall studs. We work hard to make your installation as easy and certainly strong as possible. I understand why my competitors use store bought brackets…it sure is an easier thing to build vs. these complicated and labor intensive shelves that I make…yet I’ll never cheap out on you….only the best will do from my shop! From my family to yours, Thank you for considering BarnwoodDesigns.org floating shelving!