Floating Shelf Installation

Our floating shelves are designed to be super easy to install and oh so strong too!

The concept is simple, the construction is advanced.

Simply slide your shelf apart into two sections (tool included to make this step easy) then with the shelf apart mount the back portion to your wall.

It’s best to secure any floating shelf to wall studs if at all possible. With that being said, if no studs are lined up to your shelf location, top quality drywall anchors do work too (I prefer Zip Toggle Anchors, included if you ask for them)

Once the wall mounted part of your floating shelf is level and tight to your wall, you simply slide the bulk of the shelf into place and viola’…your true floating shelf is installed and ready for a lifetime of faithful service with high weight capacity.

Included;   T25 star head screws, exact fit washers, Star drive bit, shim tools to assist opening your shelf up and anchors if you’ve asked for them or if I think your shelf is going to be too small to span two wall studs.