Can I install over tiled walls?

Yes indeed! Our shelves can be mounted directly through your existing tiles…heck the strength of the tile will actually increase your overall shelf weight capacity. No need to tile around or wait to install your tiles until you receive our floating shelves. Now if you do desire to install your shelving over tile walls, kindly let me know so I can provide you with all the hardware and drill bit(s) you will need to make the process of installing into tiles quick and painless!


Are these shelves strong enough to store/display sets of dishes?

Yes indeed! I have personally designed each style of our floating shelves…in every size possible to be able to handle no less than service for eight in the dishes that fit atop the size shelf you’ve selected. For full size dinner plates, simply choose any of our super deep floating shelves (some wood type options are 11 plus inches…others are a full 12 inch shelf depth).


I would like ‘L’ shaped floating corner shelves…is this possible in the barn wood type and size I like best?

Yes indeed! All of our shelves can be ordered to create ‘L’ shaped floating corner shelves. Please keep in mind that we design and build each corner shelf to fit snug and strong into square 90degree corners…..so if your corners are off square a bit, we will need to work with you to find exactly how off square your corners are so as to produce floating shelving that fits just right into your location. To order ‘L’ shaped floating corner shelves, simply measure from your corner how far out to the left and how far out to the right you would like your final sizes to be….then order the corresponding shelving size in the wood type and shelf depth you love most. Then leave us a note as to the orientation you desire (what shelf goes to the left, what shelf goes to the right) at this point I’ll get a hold of you with a way to quickly and easily check to see if your corner is square…and if not, how to measure in such a way to allow us to compensate for the actual angle of your corner.


I want a specific size shelf…yet you don’t have this size posted for sale, can you make this custom size for me?

Yes indeed! We love custom size requests! If we offer a size that is quite close to the shelf size you desire, simply order the closest size and let us know what you actually desire. We will be quite happy to alter the wood type and or building process to produce the exact shelf size you desire….and with the lumber now from over 20 barns…7 chicken coops and several garages dismantled…no matter the size, shape and look you love most for your shelving project, we are sure to have just the right size and look in stock, kiln dry and ready to build you a custom shelf or set of shelves. Custom requests take no longer than a single week from order to ship (outside of exceedingly difficult sizes and or very, very large requests….and even then never longer than two weeks turn around time!)


Do you make fireplace mantles?

We love to build mantles! Should the size of your desired mantle be any of the sizes we have posted for floating shelves…simply order the barn wood and size you love most. Now if you don’t see posted the dimensions you prefer for your project, simply shoot me a message and let me know what size mantle you love most. It will be my pleasure to custom build a mantle for you in quite literally any size desired. We can and love to build mantles that are….solid like our floating shelves, constructed from large barn beams, hollow with or without hidden compartments, both true floating as well as mounted with barn wood custom build corbels or brackets….long story short, what ever look you love most…with be our pleasure to build just for you!


How much is shipping?

Most of the time….shipping is free for you! Now shelves larger than the limits of what is considered normal shipping (larger than 102″…doors that ship in one solid complete section…full size dining tables ect) we may need to get a shipping quote and ask to split the cost with you or some other fair and honest shipping cost. We never want to make money off shipping….so will always be fair with you and find the best price for shipping…then cover all or some of the cost for you.


Do you ship internationally?

Sure thing! For any shipment outside of the lower 48 US states, simply get a hold of me, Brian, with info about your location and the product you desire. I’ll promptly get back to you with details in regards to how much shipping will be for the size and weight package containing the item or items you desire will be. Again, I’ll be fair with you and do my best to keep shipping cost to a minimum plus cover some of the cost for you at least!


I have metal wall studs, will your shelves work for my home/office?

Yes indeed. The only shelf mounting type that we offer that simply won’t work with metal wall studs is our Medium Duty option. All other mounting styles and indeed every size and wood type of shelf we build are quite possible with metal wall studs. Please let me know that your studs are metal so I can provide you with all the hardware you’ll need to make the installation quick and easy…and at no cost to you!


I would like to match your shelves to my floor color or another custom color in my home, is this possible?

Yes and no…. we love to create custom colors, and do so nearly every day and at no cost to our customers. I only say no due to the fact that we use exclusively reclaimed barn wood….and barn wood will always look different than any modern wood at the end of the day. We are quite good at creating custom colors and custom color blends to resemble and indeed work well with your desired color, I just can’t promise an exact 100% color match. The best course of action possible when you desire any custom color is to share with me a photo of the color you desire (in as much natural sunlight as possible for the photo…this actually makes quite a bit of difference as sunset pictures are much more red, cloudy days produce darker colors etc..) If we have a photo of the color you desire, Nick our master shelf finisher can most nearly always produce a custom stain and or top coat blend that will look amazing in the room of your desired color! We do not charge for this service and ask only that you know in advance that barn wood will look different than any modern wood (trees used to grow naturally…now they are GMO designed to grow fast, thus changing the way that stain soaks into the wood….plus boards used to be milled to produce the strongest possible lumber, while modern cutting techniques are all about maximizing profit at the expense of stronger lumber)


I would like to order a full set of matching shelves for a large project, can I get a bulk discount?

Yes indeed! Tho truth be told, it’s actually much harder to produce many shelves in barn wood that match across an entire order in reality (every barn board and ever section of each barn has it’s own unique characteristics) we will always extend a bulk discount anyways! It’s true that when you order several shelves we save a bit of time by making more than one shelf at a time (less time adjusting tools and such when making several of the same size shelves) In any event, we want you to love your shelves and feel happy with the price you’ve paid for the hand made top of the line floating barn wood shelves we produce…..to us, it’s much more important that you are very happy than it is to make money!


I’ve ordered in the past from Barnwood Designs…and I paid less before than current prices. Why did the prices go up since a few years ago?

It turns out that the first few years we built and sold floating shelves I had made mistakes in figuring out the actual cost from start to finish to produce our shelving. In all honesty, when I took a much closer look at our operation on new years 2017 I had found that over the previous two years I was earning -18 cents per hour personally! Oops, live and learn is all we can do right?! I have prices set now to the best of my ability to allow for each of us to earn $20 per hour (gross) as we complete the various tasks from buying and dismantling barns, paying for insurance on barn demos (NY is so very expensive!) kiln drying and removing nails from barn boards and of course milling our old barn wood into top quality floating shelves then fully sanding, sculpting and finishing to the highest degree each and every shelf we build. We spare no labor, take no shortcuts….and do our very best work with every singly board, turning each board into the most magnificent floating shelves we have the ability to create…..all so you fall in love with our shelving and simply can not resist telling your friends and family all about us!


What other things besides shelves can you build for me in solid barn wood?

We love building unique custom products in our sustainable and environmentally friendly barn wood! Over the years I personally have developed skills and producing tables, desks (both floating and traditional), counter tops, bathroom vanities, entry way organizers, benches and doors. Also, last year Barnwood Designs hired Jason, and with his considerable wood working skills not at our disposal (he has 20 years finished cabinetry carpentry experience….and he is a third generation wood worker!) we now can and love to design and build virtually any item your heart desired with our beautiful old barn wood!  Best way to get the ball rolling on any custom project….either an inspiration photo of an item you would like built in barn wood (or close ideas anyways) OR make a basic drawing of what you desire and share this info with me. No pressure, if you are not an artist…yet you can see in your minds eye what you would like us to build, you could always describe your ideas to me and I’ll draw up a concept and or make a rough demo. One way or another, we love to build unique custom projects and set prices to be fair and reasonable….we very much want you to have the ability to own responsibly sourced barn wood items….and love them for the rest of your life (and often for the next few generations to follow too!)